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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures are essential for ensuring safe, consistent equipment operation and process execution, yet so many agencies don't have them. The task of developing SOPs often falls to supervisors and managers who already have plenty to do managing day-to-day operations, or they are developed by someone who is not skilled at explaining procedures step-by-step in a way that is easy to follow. If step-by-step procedures are developed, they are usually pages and pages of text-thorough information, but not practical tools.

DKF Solutions Group combines equipment/process expertise with graphic design to create accurate and engaging SOPs. Using full color flowcharts, diagrams and photographs, DKF Solutions Group builds procedures that are comprehensive without sacrificing readability including:
  • Customized Equipment
  • Customized Processes
  • Customized Lockout/Tagout
  • Generic Equipment
Contact us for more information about building your SOP library.

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