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When you say an employee is trained, what do you mean?

Employees perform tasks and operate equipment. This requires the knowledge necessary to perform the tasks and operate the equipment. But knowledge isn't enough to keep them and their coworkers safe or prevent property damage if they can't apply that knowledge in accordance with your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). In other words, be able to demonstrate competence for the tasks they are required to perform and equipment they operate.


DKF Solutions Group has develop the Job Competencies Builder to help your agency collect and use the information you need to conduct competency-based training and assessments. This web-based application includes a library of job competencies including procedures such as bypass pumping, confined space entry, and underground utility locating. Each competency has detailed knowledge, skills, and abilities that can be edited and customized to your agency's unique operations. The basis for each competency can be identified so that trainers and assessors know exactly what your agency's employees need to know and demonstrate to be fully competent in their work.


Job competencies are then assigned by department and job title. Printable competency lists, training plans, and assessment worksheets can be downloaded easily for offline use.


If you agency already has a Job Competencies Builder account, log in above. To learn more or to start an account, contact David Patzer at

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