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Contractor Safety

The safety records and practices of your agency's contractors can have a huge effect on costs...both hard costs and hidden costs. Some of the risk can be transferred through insurance and contract language, but it is much more effective to have a programmatic approach that empowers your agency to manage the risks of working with contractors.

DKF Solutions Group will work with you to develop a comprehensive program that addresses the financial, regulatory, third party and operational risks associated with hiring contractors, as well as the risks to your employees. The result is a program that includes:
  • Contractor Safety Orientation
  • Contractor Safety Program Self-Certification
  • Hazard Action Matrix
  • Pre-Qualification and Determination Guide
  • Pre-Qualification of Contractors Seeking to Bid on Public Works Projects
Contact us for more information or to set up a consultation.

Or you can use our online tool to easily create a written safety orientation, build project-specific handbooks, and develop bidding requirements for contractors.

Our affordable monthly subscription plan includes access to DKF Solutions Group's Contractor Safety Program Builder, a revolutionary tool for managing the risks of working with contractors. Click here to view a demonstration and click here to sign up.

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