The only mobile application sewer crews need when responding to
sanitary sewer overflows and backups impacting private property.

SMART Response Support FAQs

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  • I am trying to renew my subscription, but nothing happens when I click the “Subscribe” button. Show/Hide Answer

Application Management

  • If I delete SMART Response from my device will I lose all of my data? Show/Hide Answer

Logging in

  • I am getting the message “Email or password is incorrect”, but I know I have the right email/password. Show/Hide Answer

  • I lost my password. Show/Hide Answer

  • I forgot what email address I used as my log in.? Show/Hide Answer

  • I am trying to log in but I get the message “No network”. Show/Hide Answer

  • Can I use SMART Response when I am not online? Show/Hide Answer


  • Can more than one user view an incident at the same time? Show/Hide Answer

  • Can more than one user edit an incident at the same time? Show/Hide Answer

Incidents Page

  • An incident that used to be on my Incidents page is not there anymore. Show/Hide Answer

  • How can I delete an incident? Show/Hide Answer

Reference Page

  • How can I add a document to the References page? Show/Hide Answer

  • Why can’t I delete some of the documents from the References page? Show/Hide Answer

  • I have clicked on a Reference Document or the link for a PDF or XLSX Report, but it only opens my browser. Show/Hide Answer

Volume Estimation

  • I have entered more than one volume estimation using the same method. How can I distinguish between them? Show/Hide Answer

Field Report

  • What is SSO ID? Show/Hide Answer

  • Why isn’t the map on the Field Report working? Show/Hide Answer

  • How can I enable location services (mapping)? Show/Hide Answer

  • Why am I seeing different SSO Start Times for the same incident on different computers/devices? Show/Hide Answer

  • When I click the microphone icon I am prompted to insert a file instead of make an audio recording. Show/Hide Answer

Reporting Page

  • Why is the Time Agency was Notified space blank on the Reporting Page? Show/Hide Answer

  • Why is the SSO Start/End Time indicated as 7:00 PM? Show/Hide Answer

  • Our agency has reporting deadlines in addition to the notifications listed. Can I add them to the SMART App? Show/Hide Answer

Output Reports

  • On the XLSX output the Category is listed as Category 1a, 1b or 1c instead of just Category 1. Show/Hide Answer

  • I am working offline and when I try to run a PDF or XLSX report I get the dialogue box that says “Preparing report, please wait...” but the report never runs. Show/Hide Answer

  • When I click the link after running a PDF or XLSX report my browser opens but I do not see the report. . Show/Hide Answer


  • I uploaded a video on one device, but cannot see it on another device. Show/Hide Answer

  • I uploaded a photo/video, but now I don’t see it in the incident’s photos page. Show/Hide Answer

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