The only mobile application sewer crews need when responding to sanitary sewer overflows and backups impacting private property.

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This page is for members of the California Sanitation Risk Management Authority (CSRMA). If you are not a CSRMA member, click here.

CSRMA members, complete the form below to sign up for a FREE subscription.

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STEP 1: Register your agency

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The California Sanitation Risk Management Authority is providing each of its members with a free SMART Response subscription. Standard pricing for non-CSRMA members is as follows:

Small Collection system (0-249 miles)$54/month ($648/year)
Medium Collection system (250-500 miles)$94/month ($1,128/year)
Large Collection system (Over 500 miles)$174/month ($2,088/year)

Device Compatibility
SMART Response is compatible with iPads, Android tablets, Surface tablets, and on desktop and laptop computers running OSX or Windows 8+. SMART Response will not function on phones including, but not limited to, iPhones, iPods, Android phones, or other smart phones. Please note that some Android phones will allow you to install SMART Response, but it will not function properly.

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